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Морские перевозки

Due to the fact that in recent years, new industry and line of business, which are associated with the delivery of goods and commodities in the different points of the globe, all increasingly important maritime transport, which have several advantages over other types of transportation.

As one of the leading companies in the freight market, our company provides multimodal transport of goods, including shipping. The main mode of transport involved in the delivery of cargo - a maritime transport, which is the most economical option in the container market.

What are the main advantages of containerized maritime cargo?

1. First of all - this carrying capacity of vessels, which is not limited in size and weight, with this unbounded shipping will cost at the lowest price.

2. Very high port hardware performance, ie high bandwidth with low pricing unloading - loading operations.

3. Ability to deliver the goods without additional transshipments at depots and freight terminals, and this contributes to better delivery and reduces the risk of injury or damage to cargo.

4. The use of the container protects the goods from external factors.

5. The rapid passage of the customs control.

6. Standardisation of vehicles and equipment, which helps to reduce the cost of manufacturing operations.

7. Unification of documents for all container transport by sea.

8. Easy to plan design freight container.

9. The downward trend in tariffs by increasing the speed of delivery by sea containers.

10. Continuous improvement of reliability of container traffic related to the development of satellite navigation, the improvement of ships and containers improvement.

These undeniable advantages is easily explained by the growing demand for maritime transport, which are speed, security and cost are often superior to the delivery of goods by road, air and rail. Our company providing a full range of logistics services for the organization and delivery of goods, fast, high quality, reliable and financially economically perform container shipping, which once again demonstrate the high level of organization, coordinated the work and cooperation of all members of delivery process - freight terminals, marine vessels, insurance companies. Container sea transportations - is a clear advantage and new opportunities in the field of transportation.