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LLP "Asia Express Logistics" provides the most complete range of services for the carriage of goods by rail (import / export / transit) at any distance on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Central Asian states and the Baltic, the Crimea, Europe.

International cargo transportation by rail are organized by all types of rolling stock. Specialists of "Asia Express Logistics" have the necessary experience and expertise to develop the most profitable route, calculating the cost of railway transportation, the optimization schemes and tariffs involvement of rolling stock.
Shipping w / d transportation and additional services

LLP "Asia Express Logistics" offers the following services:

detailed preliminary calculation of tariffs and the cost of the w / d transportation from the departure station to the destination;
route optimization and conditions of transport of any goods;
comprehensive advisory support transportation: consultation on the formulation of transportation and other necessary documents, cargo insurance, etc .;
payment of additional tariffs, as well as other services related to the carriage train / railway on the territory of certain countries following the (security, customs declaration, agency and forwarding all types of customs fees, etc.);
organization of cargo transportation in a rented and own rolling stock (the owners of the SS - the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian residents, the Baltic States and others.)

Freight rail traffic controllers tracked in real time on all transit / Railway stock.
Our advantages in organizing the delivery of goods by rail

LLP "Asia Express Logistics" works in the market of cargo transportation 3 years. During this time we have carried out thousands of orders, we acquired a reliable and respected partner. Turning to our company, you will get:

the complexity of the service carriage train / railway;
strictly individual, personalized approach;
the possibility of cooperation with reliable partners in the field of transport of goods by rail;
the ability to track the cargo in transit.

Ensuring timely delivery of freight w / e transport from the customer to its recipient - is not the only challenge faced by our experts. We offer our clients an integrated logistics consulting, including route optimization, freight insurance, assistance in customs clearance of necessary documents, etc.

LLP "Asia Express Logistics" actively cooperates with the major insurance, forwarding, and many other companies. With this in front of our clients open wide opportunities for business development. To date, the total fleet transport companies-partners of LLP "Asia Express Logistics" more than 100 thousand vehicles.

To find out the exact cost of railway transportation (rail) transport - leave a request experts LLP "Asia Express Logistics", and you will be contacted at any time convenient for you.